We provide maintenance and troubleshooting training packages on HPLC, GC (direct) and Mass Spectrometry (via approved partners)


Our courses are designed to give new and advanced users an insight into basic operations and troubleshooting. These are ‘hands-on’ courses, designed to be attended by 2-3 users, and performed at the customer’s site, on a typical system.

By attending users can improve their ability to:



Our joint efforts are aimed at extending the life of your investment and it’s optimizing running time. Through our courses end users can help reduce overall down times and with improved confidence, troubleshoot minor faults. Thanks to its friendly engineers and exhaustive stock of Spare Parts, LC Services can supply you with advice and resources to undergo those repairs and therefore reduce your operational costs.

Finally, by implementing a basic routine of regular maintenance and good housekeeping you can prevent further costly downtime.

*This does not, in any way, alter LC Services commitment to your breakdown requirements*

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