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VICI DBS Deionizer High-Capacity Water Cartridge

VICI DBS Deionizer High-Capacity Water Cartridge

OEM Reference Number: DB-H200-031
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Replacement deioniser LE bag (pack of 2 pieces)

AS part of VICI AG's continuous product improvement process, they have introduced a new deioniser High-Capacity Water Cartridge across the complete hydrogen range.

The cartridge is mounted on the rear or front of the generator using the quick connecting fittings.
Several benefits of the deionizer cartridge are an improved efficient filtration of all water, easy to install and change, robust against challenging environments and reusable.

VICI DBS recommend the replacement of the ‘T’ bag’ inside the High-Capacity Water Cartridge every 6 months or when pre alarm indicates.




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UK - Expressed and Tracked - £20.00
Europe - Expressed and Tracked - £40.00
Rest of the world - Expressed and Tracked - £80.00


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