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Chromatography Service

Tailored service and support plans serviced by our team of highly trained and certified engineers, covering all your laboratory analytical equipment including: HPLC, ICP, GC and Mass Spectrometry.

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Preventative Maintenance

48-hour On-site Response

Electromechanical Parts Included*

Consumable Parts Included*

Breakdown Included

Phone Support

Off-site Workshop Support

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Commitment to our Customer

Our range of plans offer a more tailored and flexible approach to servicing. So whether you need the certainty of an all-round Plan 4 or just a one-off service request, we’ve got you covered.

All our plan types include a discount on our deuterium lamp range and access to our online ‘Log a Breakdown’ support area.

Not sure what makes and models of instrumentation we cover?

Find out the analytical machines we can service in your lab.

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LC Services Brand Colours