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Reconditioned Parts Exchange

Reconditioned Parts Exchange

Reconditioned and Exchanged Parts for your Lab

At LC Services, we know how costly replacing laboratory equipment can be and the effects downtime can have on your business.  

With our exchange programme, you can purchase a reconditioned part and send us your faulty one, where we’ll either credit the difference against a future purchase or refund the difference.  

We regularly stock parts and equipment for various chromatography brands including autosampler parts, flow cells, injectors, instruments and others. 

See below how our process works and how you can benefit. 


Purchasing Reconditioned Parts

All our refurbished parts are thoroughly inspected by our expert team, ensuring they meet our approved specifications.  

Not only does this guarantee quality and performance, but reliability too, and all at a fraction of the cost.  

All of our refurbished parts come with a 6-month warranty, and we can even supply test certificates to give you peace of mind. 

Customers can purchase reconditioned parts without having to do the exchange if they don’t have an item to return.

Benefits of Choosing Reconditioned Parts


Cost saving – You can save up to 70% by choosing reconditioned parts, freeing up revenue to invest in other areas of your lab.


Extended lifespan – Many believe reconditioned means lower quality, but that isn’t true. Our team expertly check and refurbish chromatography parts to ensure they operate at peak performance.


Faster lead times – Our reconditioned parts can be shipped far quicker than OEM, with parts that are already in stock often arriving in less than a week when shipped to labs in the UK.


Better for the environment – As they’re upcycled from unwanted equipment and faulty parts, it means less waste is sent to landfill than buying directly from the manufacturer.


Minimal depreciation – As it costs less but is tested to OEM performance standards, there is less depreciation in terms of value when purchasing reconditioned chromatography parts.


Low buy-risk – All our refurbished parts are rigorously tested and optimised for reuse. We also offer a 6-month warranty on all our reconditioned parts.

How our Exchanged Goods Process Works

Step 1

Purchase your reconditioned items from LC Services

Step 2

We ship your order to you. (Delivery costs may vary dependent on weight and size, please enquire before purchase)

Step 3

You have four weeks to ship any defective exchange item back to us. Customers are required to arrange their own shipping of parts to LC Services

Step 4

Once received, we’ll then credit you the difference against a future purchase or refund the difference. We work out this credit by refurbished price – exchange price = credit*
*If item is not in stock, customers can ship their defective part to LCS for refurbishment. LCS will then refurbish and return to customer at the exchange price.

Want to learn more? Download our FREE reconditioned parts brochure

Purchase Reconditioned parts and items for exchange now

Discover our reconditioned products now, such as autosampler parts, flow cells, instruments and more in our shop. 

Finding your chromatography equipment becomes faulty and needs chromatography parts regularly?

If you find that your chromatography equipment regularly needs maintenance and parts replacing, it may be worth considering investing in chromatography servicing. 

We offer tailored service, maintenance, repairs and support plans to cover all laboratory analytical equipment. 

See what our customers think

“Clear communication and fast delivery!!”
Patrick Becque, Acquired through Trustpilot
“Very good and friendly service, excellent support.”
Klaus Neinhardt, Acquired through Trustpilot
“This is our first order with LC Services and it went extremely well. Look forward to having many more good dealings with them.”
Dr. Santaji Nalwade, Acquired through Trustpilot
“Great price, fast response, great delivery time.”
Juliana Porto, Acquired through Trustpilot
“The deliverables were all in good shape and of excellent quality. Delivery was done in good time and we were kept in touch with key personnel with all the necessary information about the shipment.”
James Lubuulwa, Acquired through Trustpilot
“Delivery was fast, item was as expected and it is working. I would buy again!”
Nello Lugani, Acquired through Trustpilot
Excellent staff, quick response, good assistance!
Sabah Faiq, Acquired through Trustpilot


When does my four weeks return period start from?

You have four weeks to return your faulty part back to us and this starts on the date we dispatch the parts to you.

Is there an expiry on the credit gained from exchanging?

When exchanging parts, customers can either be refunded the difference or have credit added to their account. This credit must be used up within 3 months.

Can the credit be used sitewide or just on refurbished parts?

Credit can be used across all of our product range, not just on refurbished parts.

Can I choose whether I want credit or refund for my exchange item?

Yes, after purchasing we will get in contact with you to find out what you require. We can either credit you the difference against a future purchase or refund you the difference.

Does the ‘faulty’ part then get refurbished and sold?

Yes, the ‘faulty’ exchanged parts will be refurbished and sold.

Have any more questions?

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