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Our Partners

Our Partners

Our partners and distributors from around the world supplying chromatography and analytical services parts to the lab industry.

Sole UK Distributor for Bischoff Chromatography

Bischoff are world leading manufacturers of HPLC – high performance liquid chromatography columns and accessories. They are setting new benchmarks in the world of HPLC and their range also includes detectors and autosamplers.

We currently offer Bischoff columns on our website for a wide range of separations and filling materials inclduing their own materials; ProntoSIL, HiPAK, PolyEncap, as well as filling materials from other well-known manufacturers.

UK Distributor for VICI DBS Gas Generators

VICI DBS produce temperature control accessories for chemical analysis and a range of hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators for analytical instruments such as GC, GC/MS and LC/MS.

We currently offer all gas and air generators via our website.

Download VICI DBS’s Generators and Accessories Catalogue

Sole UK Distributor for Entech’s Equipment Parts and Services

Entech are world leaders in air and gas monitoring and specialise in the creation of inert air and gas sample collection equipment, chemical extraction and preconcentration technology, as well as GC/MS sample preparation and introduction technologies.

Link to download Entech 2020 Brochure

Link to Entech Individual Product Brochures

UK Distributors for DataApex Clarity Chromatography Software

Based in Czech Republic, DataApex is constantly striving to provide users with efficient and up-to-date tools for chromatography data processing. Clarity provides a universal solution for almost any commercially available chromatograph: Multi-instrument version with multi-detector measurement capabilities, data acquisition, evaluation and instrument control.

Download DataApex Chromatography Clarity Brochure

Authroised Sales Partners for ERA TOC Products

ERA offer a comprehensive line of calibration, validation, and system suitability standards designed to verify your TOC instrument’s performance conductivity, turbidity, and other water parameters. With 17034 and 17025 accreditations, ERA also offer line of certified reference materials (CRMs), reagents, and vials for life science laboratories.

Welch Rotary Vane Pumps Systems

As a global leader in vacuum technology, Welch provides state-of-the-art vacuum pumps for numerous applications in chemical and biological laboratories. Rotary vane pumps and systems are available as direct and belt-driven versions and customers can select from a variety of accessories to design their own pump based on their individual laboratory needs.

Our Distributors around the World

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