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LC Services Brand Colours

LC Services help international client minimise downtime and maximise productivity for its customers

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Posted by: Violet Manning
Posted on: 10/04/2024

Vintek Co. Ltd is a chromatography servicing company who works with laboratories in Vietnam to provide servicing and maintenance solutions.

Having met LC Services at Analytica Vietnam in 2019 (an international trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology), the two companies began a partnership which has now spanned across five years.

How did the partnership begin?

Vintek Co. Ltd were looking for a reliable supplier capable of delivering preventative maintenance (PM) kits promptly to their customer base and service partners across Vietnam.
They required original and compatible parts and consumables which could be shipped quickly and efficiently in order for them to fix customer’s laboratory equipment.
It was essential to get their customers back up and running as soon as possible, with them needing to purchase parts from a variety of brands. So, a supplier who regularly stocked parts and equipment was essential.

How did LC Services help?

Working with LC Services has been instrumental in Vintek Co. Ltd’s ability to meet the diverse needs of their customers in Vietnam.
By providing fast support and response times, along with a comprehensive range of original and compatible parts from renowned brands, LC Services has enabled Vintek Co. Ltd to effectively minimise downtime and maximise productivity in laboratories across the country.

As confirmed by the Managing Director at Vintek Co. Ltd, the partnership remains in excellent standing, with LC Services consistently delivering impeccable support:

“Our current partnership is thriving, with us greatly appreciating the support and services provided by the LC Services team.”

Managing Director, Vintek Co. Ltd

What other solutions are available?

Alongside providing a fast turnaround for PM kits, global companies, like Vintek Co. Ltd, could also benefit from LC Services reconditioned exchange programme.
Not only can reconditioned parts be shipped far quicker than OEM, but they are also cost-effective and come with a 6-month warranty for peace of mind.
All refurbished parts are thoroughly inspected by LC Service’s expert team, ensuring they meet approved specifications.

Working with LC Services

With over 30 years of industry knowledge, LC Services is committed to supporting clients worldwide through their reconditioned programme, ensuring cost-effective and reliable solutions for laboratories everywhere.
Whether you’re in need of refurbed parts and equipment, or are looking for a chromatography servicing plan, LC Services has the experience and dedication to meet your needs.

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LC Services Brand Colours