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Agilent Parts

Agilent Parts

Browse our range of compatible Agilent parts, including a wide range of instruments, equipment and spares for HPLC and Gas Chromatography. Our range of parts supplies ensures your Agilent technologies are in full working order for accurate analysis and reliable results.



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About Agilent Technologies

Agilent is an industry-leading supplier of equipment and parts for all types of chromatography instruments, such as columns, detectors and electrical components.

Their products are grounded in innovation and reliability to ensure your lab has the best equipment that delivers reliable results. Our spares are specially developed to the same high standards to ensure your Agilent chromatography equipment is in full working order for years to come, whether that be HPLC or gas chromatography equipment.

Benefits of Agilent Parts from LC Services

• Wide range of spares available
• Suitable for a variety of chromatography equipment
• Trusted by labs across the world
• Cost effective spares

Agilent Parts Supplies from LC Services

LC Services offer a wide range of chromatography parts specially manufactured in line with industry-leading brands, like Agilent, to keep your lab equipment at peak performance.

We supply a range of chromatography parts compatible with Agilent equipment and support with servicing of Agilent technologies. We draw from years of experience to identify the cause of your issues and recommend a solution to help your lab get back on track.

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