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HPLC Lamps

HPLC Lamps

Worldwide shipping of our quality alternative compatible deuterium lamp range for HPLC Detectors and UV-Vis spectrometers.

LC Services offers a wide range of replacement deuterium lamps for world-renowned brands. We offer a vast range of high-quality spare parts that are suitable for a variety of chromatography and spectrometry lab equipment.



Compatible Models


D2 Lamp for Cecil Instruments

OEM: 2202-0142
£ 522.83
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D2 Lamp for Cecil Instruments

Compatible Models
200 Series, 2000 Series, 3000 Series, 5000 Series, 6000 Series, 7000 Series, 8000 Series, 9000 Series, CE1010, CE1020, CE1070, CE1200, CE1220, CE2021, CE2202, CE2272, CE2292, CE272, CE393, CE4400, CE5501, CE5502, CE6600, CE6600S, CE6602, CE6603, CE7200, CE7400, CE7460, CE7500, CE7560, CE8020, CE9020, CE9050, CE9080, CE9090, Series 2 Models

What is a deuterium lamp?

A deuterium lamp is a low-pressure gas-discharge light source used in spectrometry to analyse the ultraviolet (UV) light spectrum.

Deuterium lamps use a tungsten filament and are filled with deuterium gas at low pressure. This gives the lamp a longer lifespan and higher UV intensity than the average halogen lamp, hence why they are a popular choice for shortwave UV analysis.

Deuterium lamps operate at very high temperatures, meaning regular glass cannot be used. Instead, fused quartz, UV glass, or magnesium fluoride is typically used as these materials are much better at high temperatures.

What is a deuterium lamp used for?

Deuterium lamps are used alongside Tungsten halogen lamps to allow for analysis of the UV and visible light regions of the light spectrum.

This makes a deuterium lamp very useful in chromatography as they’re used in HPLC detectors to help identify the make-up of a compound. They are also used in UV-Vis spectrometry for similar reasons.

Using deuterium lamps safely

As the intensity of the UV light emitted from deuterium lamps is very high, it’s crucial that the necessary safety gear is worn while in use. This includes protective eyewear, gloves and suitable clothing.

It’s also important to note the deuterium lamps operate at high temperatures, so care should be taken when handling the lamp after use.

Deuterium lamps from LC Services

At LC Services, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service. This means we only work with reputable suppliers who manufacture high-quality equipment and spares.

We also offer comprehensive service contracts to ensure your HPLC equipment is at peak performance at all times for accurate analyses.

LC Services Brand Colours